Dispute Debt Collection on Credit Bureau Report | Rights Under FDCPA

The worse thing that can ruin your day is “Receiving Debt Collection Call From Collectors”

It can be even more unpleasant when you have no idea about where this debt is coming from.

Dispute Debt Collection on Credit Bureau Report

If you are tired of getting debt collection calls, read this full guide to know your rights before giving a thought to pay on an unknown debt account.

As a matter of fact, no one wants to get a bad remark on their credit history.

Having a bad credit report does not only impact in showing the financial irresponsibilities but can also put you in many difficult situations.

However, you can dispute debt collection on Credit Report in case it is not recognized.

To ensure your credit status, keep tracking your credit scores for all major credit bureau agencies.

Request For a Debt Validation Letter

According to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), a debt must be validated by the creditor through a Debt Validation Notice which is to be sent within five days of the first contact.

The right to know how the debt was run up is assured to all consumers through the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

To all the collection agencies, it is essential to respond to the Debt validation request letter within thirty (30) days of receiving notice of the attempt to collect.

By any chance, if the creditor is unable to show the evidence of incurring debt under consumer name, he/she must be stopped contacting.

Any communication made further is considered harassment in the violation of 15 U.S. Code § 1692d.

Request letter For an Itemized Bill

An itemized request letter is the letter where you get the detailed billing statement about services provided to you. You should always request an itemized bill before paying a debt to a collection agency.

Itemized statements include credits, debts, deposits, fees and all other felicitous activity.

Dispute Debt Collection on Credit Bureau Report

If you are sure that the claimed debt does not belong to you, Go ahead and raise a dispute flag against the CBR.

Use a credit report dispute to have the credit bureaus remove the debt from your credit report for good.

Even though debt collector sends you a letter showing the amount of debt, name of the creditor; you have thirty days to dispute a debt from the date of receiving a collection notice.

Here’s how to Remove EOS CCA From Credit Report

Under dispute, the letter along with evidence of not owing a debt must be sent to the collection agencies.

However, if the dispute letter by a consumer is proved invalid, collection company may be liable to resume the collection activity.

In many cases, the past due account remains on credit report for seven years from the first date of delinquency.

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