Top 8 Steps to Prepare for Board Exams 2019-2020 (Tips & Tricks)

Board Examinations in various states of India are going to be conducted for the Session 2019-2020. Candidates who are entering into these exams are wished with huge success from our Team AdmitCardIND.

How to Prepare for Board Exams

After announcing the exam date and board admit cards, a lot of queries had been generated about the modern hacks of preparing Board Exams 2019-2020. Hence, we decided to present this article in front of you all.

As we all know that the board exams are the backbone of Indian Education. Achieving higher marks in board exams not only open doors for extensive education opportunities but also take our confidence to the next level. Therefore, knowing about how to prepare for Board Exams is really a sensible question.

In India, there are National (Central), International, and State Level Boards that are responsible for conducting 8th, 10th & 12th board examinations. Every year, Candidates from regular, private education courses appear in board exams in a very large amount.

How to Prepare for Board Exams 2019-2020?

All those students who take the school board exams always look for some easy tips and tricks to pass as well as score higher. So, here are the best working strategies below to prepare your board exams for 2019-2020 session.

1. Plan Your Days (Create a Timetable)

Before anything else, one should learn how to plan the exam days. Having an actionable Plan is important not only for the exam point of view but in every sphere of life where we want to succeed. A very famous quote – “Those who plan better and follow it relentlessly, brings the change.”


The problem with most of us is that we create an awesome plan for our exams but don’t work on it accordingly. Then, ultimately we have to deal with unnecessary stress and anxiety. So, this is one thing which must be clear that without having an actionable plan, it’s just not easy to effectively prepare the exams. Hence, we should keep ourselves away from the things that distract our planning.

2. Keep Your Diet Healthy

Healthy Diet

For a student, Health must be as much of a priority as the board’s preparations. The time and hard work, given in the entire year should not be ruined by compromising with health. For maintaining a healthy lifestyle, students are advised to only eat healthy foods during their board examinations or in fact regularly if possible. And a Good mental & physical health will help in achieving desired goals in life.

3. Organize Your Study Materials

Organizing Study Materials

Students preparing for upcoming board exams are supposed to well organize the study materials provided by schools and institutions. For example, They should only refer to the textbooks that are officially approved by the respective board. Apart from this, it can be a good idea to prepare your own study notes after getting your preparation done using the books or model test papers.

4. Focus on Untouched Topics

Focus on Unknown Topics

How many of us study the entire syllabus before the board exam season? I guess the answer would be only a few of us, Right! Hence, It can be a great idea if we cover the syllabus of those subjects first where we are lacking knowledge. We should immediately jump to those topics which we have not seen or read before.

5. Clear Your Doubts with Experts

Clear Your Doubts With Experts

Pin Down all those questions where you have doubts. Communicate with the teachers & subject tutors to get an answer on your queries. Alongside, You can also approach your school or institute for a special class for clearing students doubts.

6. Revise All Subjects

Revise All Syllabus

After you ensure that all the chapters are prepared, we recommend doing a quick revision of all subjects. There is no doubt that revision of all the subjects will strengthen your board exam preparations in an emerging way and also it will help to filter out the most important topics of your exam.

7. Attempt Practice Tests

Practice Test

There are various solved & unsolved model test papers provided in schools. You can get those to check your preparation level. Regular practicing the mock tests will make you friendly with the type of questions asked in the boards. It is a great solution to those who are worrying about their performance in coming board exams.

8. Handle Stress Wisely

Handle Stress

There is a saying If you can’t handle your stress, you can’t get success and We agree. All the students should know how to deal with stress during exam days. And what can be the best way to eliminate stress and overthinking, apart from yoga and meditation! So, get up early and add yoga + meditation into your lifestyle in order to be safe from all kind of worries.

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